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Dave Parvin

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Started On : 22-Apr-2013 at 09:28:06 PM, #Views : 1895

Topic Subject : Re: Fingertip Bubbles

I have no idea why, but something I just wrote about a new trick I have discovered which eliminates bubbles in fingertips did not post. I will try again.

One of the questions which comes up here occasionally concerns preventing bubbles in the tips of fingers when the fingers are curved so that the tips point up in the alginate mold. The advice is usually to vibrate, tap, and tip the mold when pouring in the plaster, hydrocal, Forton MG, etc. Up until now, my solution had included degassing the casting material. If I had any fingertip bubbles, I would repair them and then make a secondary mold in either tin or platinum silicone rubber which was also degassed and cured under pressure. This allows me to make the final castings in either resin or Forton MG which I also degas and cast under pressure. I can almost always get bubble free results.

But today I did two castings of studio assistant Stevie's hand in white hydrocal in alginate molds. In one case, I did degas the hydrocal but not the other and in both cases, there were no bubbles in the fingertips. Pressure was not used. Notice how there are only a couple of tiny bubbles in the hand in the photo which is just how it came out of the mold, I did no cleanup at all.

What I have discovered is a very simple trick which, I think, will allow for pretty much bubble free castings directly in alginate molds. I may not be the first or even the only to do this but I have never heard of anyone else using this trick. No special equipment is required. I will do some more experimenting and introduce the procedure at my workshop next week. After which, I will share it with the entire ALI membership.

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