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CJ Munn

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Started On : 11-Apr-2014 at 08:47:39 AM, #Views : 1329

Topic Subject : Icarus had a Sister

Hi all,

Alan's beautiful piece reminded me I hadn't posted up our most recent large lifecasting challenge, which is also a winged piece.

Some of you might find it familiar, and that is because my partner, André Masters, designed the piece and completed the original lifecast about ten years ago. We've been using his conceptual design as our logo on the Masters and Munn website for some time, and had been waiting all these years for exactly the right way to build the feathers for the wings in a way which would do the original design credit. We tried many techniques over the years and only last year threw ourselves into digital modelling and 3d printing and were very lucky to be given the chance to work with one of the UK's top 3d printing companies, IPF, to help us create our feathers. The final piece was a combination of lifecasting, traditional sculpting and mould making techniques and over 200 3d printed feathers (each one unique and hand finished, before being coated in real copper and patinated). We were very proud of this piece as not only had it taken nerly a decade from start to finish, but it won us the Global Rising Star Award presented by the 3d Print Show. We displayed her for the first time at the London 3d Print Show - funnily enough in the exact same room André and I had met 11 years before in a part of London known as The Angel (Islington)! If that wasn't exciting enough, we were then invited to show her at The Louvre in Paris, which was an absolute dream come true.

3d scanning, modelling and printing are already impacting on the work of lifecasters, but we wanted to embrace this new technology and try and use it to expand our possibilities rather than narrow them. These are exciting and scary times, but the future is what we make of it.


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