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CJ Munn

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Started On : 04-May-2005 at 09:30:02 AM, #Views : 2213

Topic Subject : RE: new member needs help

Normally I would agree but my personal experience with Tiranti customer
service hasn't been great.

My advice is to just use a little of your alginate on something small (your
own lips cast in a cut down plastic cup for starters) which will give you an
idea of setting time and consistency. When you feel you have a feel for it

move up to practising on larger areas.

Remember that larger areas can't easily or affordably be dunked in a
container, so for doing a torso you will need to first coat your subject in
a nice even layer of alginate (mix to porridge consistency), followed by
something fluffy like cotton wool, lightly fluffed all over just before the
alginate sets. This gives the plaster bandage something to grip onto when
you apply it. Apply the bandage (known as your mother mould) directly onto
the fluff-covered alginate layer just as you would have been used to
applying it onto vaselined skin in your previous attempts. Use 4 layers at a
time and once all over at this thickness will be hard enough to support your
plaster when you pour into the alginate.

When the mother mould is dry you can carefully remove it from your model.
Please note that if your model is standing for the process you should watch
out for the risk of fainting. Get them to wiggle their toes throughout the
process to aid circulation, and keep talking with them so you can tell if
they start to come over giddy at any point.

As your model cleans themselves up you have time to pour your plaster. Mix
it thickly like icecream consistency and literally slap it into your mould
to force out air bubbles, and use your hands or a brush to paint it up the
verticle sides of your piece. if it's about a centimetre thick all over

back it up with plasterer's hessian scrim for strength, and if you wish it
to be wall hung, fix the hangers of your choice beneath this hessian layer
before finishing with another layer of plaster behind it.

This is only a quick rough guide, as nothing replaces practise practise
practise, but you can start small, with just a tummy or one boob and work up
to full torsos :o)

you can email me off forum if you want to ask any more questions, although
i'm very busy so can't always promise to answer immediately.

best wishes

cj x
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