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CJ Munn

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Started On : 04-May-2005 at 03:00:42 PM, #Views : 2136

Topic Subject : RE: RE: new member needs help

Thickness of alginate...well, different lifecasters do it differently, and
through practise you will find what works best for you. for a large piece I
aim for about 8mm thick all way round. something like that...i've never
measured and I'm rubbish at judging. if it's too thin you will find it
likely to tear or it will suffer from imprints from the bandage the other
side that will distort your finished piece. Too thick and you end up wasting
alginate and also find the weight of it will pull down on your model's skin.

ooh another tip. if you're casting female torsos, i always start by swooping
a thick handful of alginate under each breast in a sort of underwire shape.
This supports the breast tissue when you later add alginate to the top part
of the chest. Without it, you may get droopers. :o)

different alginates, different qualities - definitely! I was told by an
alginate manufacturer that alginate is basically just seaweed and filler.
how much of the seaweed you get to the filler affects the quality and the
level of detail you get. I'm sure it's much more complicated than that and
they just didn't want to fill my fluffy girlish brain with chemistry but I
know simply from the touchy feely process of playing with the stuff that
every single brand works differently - some as simple as setting
times/temperatures to work at, and others with things like stretchiness and
strength like Artmold's Fibrgel. Some of them are more lumpy and porridgey
to work with, others very smooth. What you prefer can often depend on what
you get used to. Tiranti are a very good brand, I've also had great success
with Ed's stuff and there's lots who have recommended stuff from Pink House
in the USA. I don't know any local to you though, although am sure Ed can
advise you on local stockists if you want to try artmolds. I'm still using
Tiranti as it's what i'm used to and other affordable UK stocks just haven't
been as good for me, but I don't like giving them my money as they've not
been terribly polite or helpful in the past. Cheaper alginates, in my
experience, do seem to be a bit rubbish.

You could try contacting your local dental suppliers and asking for samples
of all the different alginates. Chiropodists also use alginate so you could
try them too.

Good luck with your project and do show us the results when you have a go.


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Hello CJ Munn

Post Date : Wednesday 04th of May 2005 02:19:17 PM
Posted by : "Michael Sharpe"

Re: RE: new member needs help:--
Thanks CJ

Thats very useful, A couple of question before I start Practicing on my ever
suffering wife:).
How thick should I be aiming to have the alginate layer?

Is there a difference in quality with different makes of alginate?

I got my alginate from Tirante because that was where I used to get all my
sculpture supplies, but now I live in spain and I have shiping costs to
consider I might as well look around for better deals/quality.

Thanks again.

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