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CJ Munn

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Started On : 27-May-2005 at 09:30:01 AM, #Views : 1992

Topic Subject : Re: Casting Hockey player

I don't know if you could get a sample of the fabric of his shirt or
similar, but I have managed to cast some fabrics without any release
agent. It works better on fabrics with a very tight weave, particularly
modern man-made slightly shiny fabrics. If you can get a duplicate you
could run some tests. You have to use a very strong, thick mix of
alginate and pull it off very some ways it's easier if your
model can slip out of the shirt when you come to demould him, leaving
the loose shirt still stuck in the mould and then you can take all the
time you want to carefully peel the fabric out.

other than that, the only thing i can think of is to sculpt on a fake
shirt after you've done the cast.

cj x

On 25 May 2005, at 05:57, wrote:

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> Hello CJ Munn

> Post Date : Wednesday 25th of May 2005 12:57:06 AM
> Posted by : "Jimmy F"
> Casting Hockey player:--
> Hi guys and gals, I havent posted on here in quite sometime, so
> hopfully some of you can give your opinion to my delmema....
> I have been commisioned to create a sculpture or a Hockey player and a
> figureskater. The fingure skater will not be too hard as she can be in
> a slim tight suite of some kind, but my problem is with the hockey
> player... Because the jersey is a loose fitting type, im not sure how
> i will be able to make the sculpture look proper without it looking
> like a wet soggy shirt. Secondly the skate blade will be so small and
> thin, what would be the best way to support this sculpture for both
> the figure skater and the hockey player.
> Any suggestions???
> Kind Regards
> Jimmy
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