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Topic Subject : Thank you

Thank you and kudos to the Association of Lifecasters International in general and most particularly E. J. McCormick who has allowed me to become a member without a lot of pomp and circumstance, qualification, paperwork, validation, certification and peer judgment of whether or not I am or am not any type of an artist at all. Just showing interest was the main criteria to allow me to enter the association. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I see his Mr. McCormick’s name goes back to the very beginnings of the creation of ALI. From reading over the past forums I see ALI has become a place where ideas are openly shared by so many international sculptors and artists instead of being cloaked in a fabric of secrecy and “black art” to suit the purposes of just a privileged few. Those that take more than they give back. I think this is the real separator between finding a true mentor rather than a true tormentor. The wonders of the internet never cease to amaze and astound me. I am particularly excited, and very happy indeed to have found your guild of life casters. It is truly an international source of information on medium, style, and technique. It is particularly refreshing to find such a diverse group of life casters who give visual and cognitive inspiration rather than complication, enigmas and conundrum to the process of life casting. It is so much easier to have a closed stodgy hierarchal society of one up man ship and I told you so’s, good lucker’s, and even if I knew I wouldn’t tell you just cause I know and you don’ts that brush off simple questions than to openly help those that are full of desire, passion and curiosity to create and achieve. As a self taught artist at many studios and galleries in North America and Japan it is so nice to have all this vast knowledge at my fingertips with just the click of the button. Thank you ALI for gathering together those who make the life casting art form one of international acceptance and the removing the ignorance and mystery of life casting. I have been life casting since the 1990's using very primitive techniques. I am sure I will find answers too many of the questions I have about improving my processes thus making my burden easier and less back breaking. Due to the fact that I have moved so many times most of my works have been lost along the way or simply thrown away for lack of money to store them. Especially my extremely heavy full body castings plaster molds which were life size and too large for me to pack and move. I currently have a humble studio in the small village of Lake Orion, Michigan. I am an affiliate in the Sculptors Guild of Michigan. If any of the members of ALI need assistance in making contacts in Michigan to exhibit their work please visit our website. Once again my greatest thanks and appreciation to you and your organization. Mykola Kirichenko

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