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Started On : 09-Jul-2005 at 11:46:40 PM, #Views : 1879

Topic Subject : Workshop in Wisconsin

Bob, thank you very very much for extending your invitation to me to attend your workshop on July 11th - 15th. Unfortunately I don’t have the financial resources for the model fees or the money to get there but my thoughts will be “teleported” to your studio wishing you the greatest success in your latest composition of what sounds like a large multidisciplinary work. Im really anxiously anticipating seeing it in its completed form. I’m just a few steps from sleeping in my car and calling it home even though I have lived in my home/studio for nearly 5 years I have been in and out of employment in my trade as a automotive design engineer over the past 6 years I have come to the point that I would rather just not go back to it even if there were jobs. It’s very demeaning its not like it was in the 1980’s when market share was strong . There are lots of other creative local folks here that have to put up with being laid off in stagnant Detroit while the corporations tell the press they can not find local people so they go outside the borders and bring in “specialists”. My past 20 years as an automotive transportation designer don’t mean squat anymore to anyone. I am trying to reinvent who I am. I have been reduced to collecting scraps of aluminum and taking it to the recycler just to pay for the high priced political gasoline and some rice. Seems the best I can do for the moment. Mean while approximately 00 a second…a second ! is being spent on an oil profits war in Iraq …ahem.. I meant to say democracy… But really thank you very much for the invitation. Attached is a life casting I did of my son at age 8 he's 22 now. I am thinking about scrapping this work at the recyling yard for some milk money. Mykola

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