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Bob Brumley

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Started On : 14-Jul-2005 at 05:37:09 PM, #Views : 1866

Topic Subject : Creative Process?

Okay....this is why you should NEVER collaborate with another lifecaster:

1. You start out with a model with fabulous legs that you think you want do a whole leg cast of.

2. He saw a technique using polystyrene beads as filler material for saving alginate on large "block" molds that is supposed to work great and he tried once a while back.

3. You have constructed custom "block" molds with 2 inch styrofoam insulation to fit arms and legs in.

4. Both guess on the alginate mix and amount of polystyrene beads to use to fill up the mold.

5. He mixes while you spread the alginate on the model and both fill the mold and apply the plaster to complete the block mold.

6. Both discuss the material to fill the mold.....the mutual decision is cold-cast steel.

7. You mix the material and pour the mold. (the model looks over your shoulder and says "you missed a spot")

8. Both demold the leg.

9. You fix the mistakes you made when you filled the mold.

10. Both decide that the piece would look good with a patina.

11. He thinks it would look "cool" wrapped up in barbed wire.

12. You try to patina the piece and leave it over night....come back the next day.....doesn't look that good so you try a different patina.

13. Both select a piece of marble to mount the piece on and you cut it to shape.

14. You drill and he holds the piece (trusting soul) so you can cement the threaded rod in the sole of the foot.

15. Both wrap the barbed wire around the leg and put on the finishing touches (he tells you to stop messing with agree).

And the result is the piece entitled "Handle With Care"

by Bob Brumley (you) and Aaron Witkowski (he):

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