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Todd Debreceni

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Started On : 28-Jul-2005 at 06:00:01 PM, #Views : 1903

Topic Subject : RE: alginate on face?

NEVER use straws!!! Ever!! 1. They deform the nose and will ruin your
lifecast (unless you are going for a flared nostril look), and 2. If you
accidentally bump the straw with any part of your hand, you will cause
considerable pain and a real good nosebleed for your subject, especially if
you use plastic straws. Just be careful to keep the nostrils clear. It's
really easy if your alginate is mixed correctly. It should not be runny; it
should stay where you put it. Don't use your finger to clear blockage if it
does occur; use a Q-tip or small popsicle stick, or ask your subject to blow
out forcefully to clear (being careful NOT to breathe in the alginate
first!) the blockage. Good luck.

Todd Debreceni

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Hello Todd Debreceni

Post Date : Thursday 28th of July 2005 04:51:01 PM

Posted by : "Marilyn Draving"

Re: alginate on face?:--

Hi Jenn - I haven't seen anyone post on your question. I don't use straws.
The alginate can be carefully applied without using straws. Just keep the
nostril uncovered. If you drip some near or over the nostril simply clear
the area with your finger. Alert the model to let you know if a nostril
become blocked. I find it fairly easy to just clear the alginate from the
opening as I'm working. I suppose you can use straws but alginate is so
soft and pliable (unlike the gauze) that it is easily cleared from the
nostrils. I haven't lost anyone yet. If you start dribbling the alginate
from the forehead area it will run down either side of the nose. Use a
little more control of the alginate while covering the nose. Good luck.

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