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CJ Munn

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Started On : 18-Aug-2005 at 08:30:02 AM, #Views : 1687

Topic Subject : RE: an important safety question mark

Thanks for answering John. I know we probably all should wear masks but I
don't know one single lifecaster who wears a mask for dealing with alginate.
If we did we'd also have to hand them out to our models and clients as we
poured and mixed otherwise they'd be breathing in the dust too. And how many
people would let us put something on a baby's foot after we'd donned
protective gear and put a mask on their babies? ;o) It's very sensible
advice but not necessarily practical unless we want to scare our customers
away, if you see what I mean.

Do you know if this silica stuff is dangerous just to inhale in powder form
or can it be absorbed through the skin? should we all wear gloves to apply
and demould too? I mean it just sounds like such a scary claim...although
saying that, pretty much everything contains cancer causing ingredients
these days...including air and water. So it might just be an alarmist way to
sell a product as you say. These days you can't eat an apple, apply
deodorant or use toilet paper that doesn't contain something threatening to
kill you over time.

What bothers me is that if it's exaggerated or untrue then it only takes one
journalist or similar to seize upon that idea and blow it out of proportion
and it will affect all of us. I'm even uncomfortable talking about it on a
public access forum but I didn't know where else to ask to get some informed
and honest opinions.

Am not sure what time it is in his part of the US, but I expect Ed will have
some useful technical data on this when he checks in.

Like you John, I don't bother with the cheap alginates on the market, but
even so I'll be checking and double checking everything. They don't even
come with an ingredients list like food or shampoo has to in this country so
it's a bit annoying to have to find out stuff like this in this way. I have
read safety data sheets on all the stuff I use and I don't remember anything
about this (remember tonnes of scary stuff about plaster though...a whole
other story, but at least I'm only damaging myself with that and not

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Hello CJ Munn

Post Date : Thursday 18th of August 2005 07:54:37 AM
Posted by : "John Schoonraad"

Re: an important safety question mark:--
This is a very important matter, this product has been out for awhile
now,and my first reaction was that it was just another way to sell there
product ,but one has to ask and I am glad CJ did is there more to this very
serious claim, when we first kicked off life casting with alginate back in
the 70s we only had dental alginate to use and going by the health standards
in this country it came as a totaly safe material but with the commercial
outlets now that life casting has be come such a big industry there are many
hybrids of the original form in which alginate was first produced ,what we
need is for all producers of alginate to check and indorse there product so
we can all carry on knowing our clients are safe Allsafe has started a
precident there can be no turning back,in the case of inhalation the only
thing that should go in your lungs is air so always wear a mask .

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