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Ed McCormick

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Started On : 18-Aug-2005 at 10:00:02 AM, #Views : 1684

Topic Subject : RE: RE: an important safety question mark

Well said John. Even professional bakers mixing flour wear dust masks. All
dust is harmful over time if you do not protect yourself.

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Hello Ed McCormick

Post Date : Thursday 18th of August 2005 09:17:44 AM
Posted by : "John Schoonraad"

Re: RE: an important safety question mark:--
Your quite right about most people dont wear masks but in reality they
should and thats the advice that I am compelled to give I personally never
mix the material near the subject, and yes I have worn masks particulary
when as I have found the alginate dusty as some times happens, this is
normally sent back and replaced but some times you have to soldier on with
what youve got on the day and there was once an alginate that was so dusty
we felt unwell one I have never used since. and to answer your question I
feel the danger must be in its dry state the cilica is most harmfull when
its inhaled .
one of the most harmfull substaces in the workshop is clay dust and you may
remember me making quite a fuss about putting water down by spritzer when
sweeping to keep the dust levels down.
In the mean time wear a mask keep your mixing away from the subject in a
well ventolated room may be mix it in another room ,once when life casting
Tom hanks I noted his reaction to the dust from the alginate and immedatly
move the mixing well away .
The plaster bandage also is very dusty especially when torn we all need a
wake up call some times especially when we have people in our charge ,every
mother knows that even baby powder(talc) can be harmfull when inhaled .
So lifecasters start putting your masks on while mixing a light dust mask
will do, it cant hurt but it may help, saftey is paramount it cannot be
stressed enough in the business of life casting awarness is the key to
saftey and a good job .

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