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CJ Munn

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Started On : 18-Aug-2005 at 11:00:02 AM, #Views : 1649

Topic Subject : Re: an important safety question mark

Thanks Robert that's really helpful. I'll have a look into that. It
seems like all powders over time have the potential to harm us. Right
now I don't have the option of moving away from my clients to mix the
alginate (my current studio isn't really big enough to move more than a
couple of feet away) but it sounds like an occasional exposure to the
dust won't really harm someone unless they're already sensitive in some
way. I'm asthmatic but have never really had a problem with the dust. I
find plaster dust much more of a pain in the bum to control.

I'll try and be more disciplined about my mask wearing, and hopefully
in the not too distant future I'll be moving to a bigger studio with
proper decent ventilation anyway. It's good to know about these issues
now rather than in 30 years time when it might be too late. :o)

On 18 Aug 2005, at 15:30, wrote:

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> Hello CJ Munn

> Post Date : Thursday 18th of August 2005 10:30:02 AM
> Posted by : "Robert Oblon"
> Re: an important safety question mark:--
> CJ
> In the foundry business, we use "fused silica"flour and stucco sands
> to
> build the refractory molds. There are spec sheets provided by the
> manufacturer
> that make reference to "silicosis." Contacting the manufacture's
> directly may
> shed light on this issue. With silicosis, it takes years if not
> decades of
> unprotected exposure to end up with the disease, like black lung
> disease.
> Ed! what do you know about this issue of silica flour in alginates?
> Robert Oblon
> Central Coast Art Foundry
> Arroyo Grande, California
> 805-748-5381
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