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John Schoonraad

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Started On : 26-Aug-2005 at 05:55:44 AM, #Views : 1780

Topic Subject : Re: Re: Relocation to St. Louis

May I add my congratulions Phillip
apart from the job itself teaching is such an enriching experience I have taught at two schools this year, and my one on one with young and old sculptors alike has been most rewarding, I received a disk the other day from a young man who had his piece shown at bristol university to great critical aclaim he was kind enough to send me a well documented pictorial of our lesson and and his subsequent progress to the finished piece,(a full body of a woman in a floating in air position).
The denmark experience was also a fantastic experience being invited over there to work with their artists ,we accomplished four full body life cast all cast out in five days one of which is now in exibition in Vienna as we speak, thanks Edd for a great product your alginate stood up to the way I work and the demands I put on the material.
This job came to me by way of a demonstration I gave to some five hundred people at the makeup trade show in London so this shows how the teaching can come back to you both as a job or the proud satisfaction you recieve from viewing the work of a good student who appreciates where they learnt some of the skills they now posses .
All this with three movies three tv crime shows six comercials its been quite a year so far with about eighteen full bodies and over thirty heads not mention other bits I had to cast some as teaching aid to the medical proffesion .
And I am pleased to say we will be returning to Denmark in september 10th and 11th for fullbody life casting classes we be pushing the envelope and my latest techniques will be there for all to see .
Once again congratulations Phillip hope to catch one of your shows one day its the icing on the cake .

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