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Started On : 12-Sep-2005 at 11:00:07 AM, #Views : 1684

Topic Subject : FW: metal casting...

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From: "Dan S" <>
Subject: Re: metal casting...( Message No. 613)
Date: Mon, Sep 12, 2005, 9:10 AM

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The pewter artist, richard neal, was drooling pewter into his mold, not
covering a statue. Metal so easily melted gives the deep texture as gases
and steam escape.
A Napoleon Mordas fellow was sputtering bronze onto his sculpture, very
amazing. His english was shaky, though. Look for a sputtering company

aren't you in Ohio? This is not that big a deal, tech-wise. They may tell
you what they prefer as a base material.
Otherwise, there are metal-rich paints, and leaf, which is not hard, and
true bronze and aluminum casting.

Dan Spector 901 323 8717

>Subject: metal casting...( Message No. 613)
>Date: Sun, Sep 11, 2005, 11:00 PM

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> Hello Dan Spector

> Post Date : Monday 12th of September 2005 12:00:06 AM
> Posted by : "Elizabeth Russell"
> metal casting...:--
> Hello All
> A couple years ago one of our own lifecasters posted pictures of his work....
> I believe it was Pewter? he had melted on a sculpture it looked like drips
> of metal.....
> Does anyone remember this......seemed to have a lace like appearence?
> (meaning textured with pits and holes, not smoothe like a stonecast piece)
> I need some help trying to figure out the best metals to work with

> applying to a casted piece (concrete, stonecast or whatever it would
> take.....) Anyone have suggestions on getting started with metals?
> The piece I am working on doesn't have to have a perfect surface, like an
> alginate casted piece... but will need to stand or hang on its own when
> removed from the casted piece...
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated......
> Thanks!
> Elizabeth Russell
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